Subsidized Health Coverage May Soon Be Available from eHealth

eHealthInsurance.comOn the heels of yesterday’s post about private websites like eHealth selling Obamacare health coverage, we read with great interest this Huffington Post story by Jeffery Young. Apparently, the White House is listening, and they want to let private companies enroll subsidy-eligible individuals and families as soon as possible. Finally, the millions still shopping for new coverage effective January 1 should soon be able to bypass and buy directly from private companies.

Activating the “direct enrollment” option would free health insurers and online brokers to accept applications from people who are eligible for subsidies, thus widening the potential universe of people who wouldn’t need to use to get health insurance.  — Jeffrey Young, Huffington Post

People who don’t qualify for a subsidy, or don’t need to claim it up front, can already buy health coverage directly from eHealth’s website, We’ll keep you posted as this story develops.

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