Salon Express EZ View Nail Art Stamper

Salon Express is the fast, easy, foolproof way to stamp your way to beautiful nails. Just apply your favorite polish, scrape off the excess, and stamp it right on your nail. Perfect. The secret is in the stamper with EZ View technology. Because you can see through the stamper, your design always lands right where you want it.

Use the EZ View stamper with your plain nails for an elegant, understated look. Layer on multiple colors to show off your wild side. With the EZ View stamper and design plates, you can match your mani to your favorite dress. Or perfect your pedi for a day by the pool.

The EZ View stamper is so easy to use and you’ll get it right every time.

Why spend $$$ at the salon when you can do it so easily at home? Salon Express makes it as easy as apply and stamp. You don’t have to be a nail artist to create professional nail art with Salon Express.

Free nail plates with over 25 designs. TV Double Offer.

Don’t hide your hands with boring polish, and stop spending time and money on expensive nail art. Salon Express yourself! You’ll also receive five free nail plates with over 25 designs you can mix and match for endless possibilities. As a bonus, you’ll  also get the French Manicure plate absolutely free, for the easiest, most beautiful French manicure you’ve ever done. Find out how you can double your order.

Studio Glow Makeup Light

The light in your home was not meant to makeup. The color is off and the shadows are horrible. Now’s there’s Studio Glow, the portable and powerful studio lights that turn any mirror into a professional makeup mirror. Illuminating your entire face has never been easier.

Simply attach the suction cups to any mirror and you’ll have professional lighting instantly. Now easily cover up those problem spots, tweeze with ease, or blend effortlessly. And with no more messy cords or cluttered counters. And Studio Glow’s mirrored finish blends in for a seamless look.

The secret is the true quad light technology which gives you the most natural illumination for perfect makeup application in any room. Now when you do one last check in the driver’s seat, there are no embarrassing surprises.

Installs in seconds. Portable. Cordless. TV Double Offer.

Studio Glow installs in seconds with no tools required. The stay-cool bulbs are guaranteed to last up to 50,000 hours. So you can take it off the mirror and take it on the road. Don’t sit hunched in front of a makeup mirror that can cost hundreds, or risk going out with a foundation faux pas. Order Studio Glow and you’ll light the professional way for beautiful looks every day.

Aqua Silk Cordless Wet/Dry Epilator

Aqua Silk is the cordless wet/dry epilator for an affordable price. You may have tried fancy hair removers, but what really works? There’s a $300 gadget that can burn your hair away. Then, there’s the ladies shaver, which is just a men’s shaver in pink. You need something that won’t make your hair grow back thicker or damage your skin. You need Aqua Silk.

Hair removal that leaves you smooth as silk and lasts for weeks.

Everyone knows the secret to staying smooth for days is to remove hair at the root, but waxing hurts and tweezing takes forever. Aqua Silk gently lifts and extracts hair the proper way. In no time, you’ll have gorgeous arms and legs that are as smooth as silk.

Waterproof, cordless and portable.

Here’s the best part. Aqua Silk is waterproof. So instead of wasting time lathering up, you can instantly take care of your hair removal needs. Other epilators have cords, which can be inconvenient. But Aqua Silk is cordless and portable. Perfect for touch-ups, anytime or any place.

TV Double Offer.

Buy Aqua Silk for only $19.95 plus shipping. Get a 2nd Aqua Silk with every one you buy; just pay a separate fee. Keep one at home and one in your bag for when you’re on the go.

Fridge Mate Snap On Drawer

Fridge Mate is the revolutionary new snap on drawer that gives you an extra storage place in the unused space under shelves. Installs in seconds without tools. Just snap on to any shelf. The secret is in the customizable spring-loaded design that attaches to any shelf in any refrigerator with a grip that won’t slip.

How much unused space is hiding in your fridge?

Food gets forgotten in the fridge and ends up covered in mold. But Fridge Mate organizes food and keeps it right at your fingertips. The extra deep drawer is ideal for storing all your items. Just look at how much extra room Fridge Mate gives you.

It’s great for organizing kids’ lunches. Egg-celent for keeping eggs safe and secure in the drawer. Create a dairy drawer, a fresh fruit drawer or a drawer for cold cuts. The smooth glide track design opens and closes easily.

Free Fridge Fresh liners. TV Double Offer.

You can use Fridge Mate in the freezer too, or in wasted space under kitchen cabinets or in the pantry. Order Fridge Mate now during this special TV Double Offer and get the Fridge Fresh Liners absolutely free. Just place the liners in your fridge drawer to extend the life of produce by absorbing moisture and odor.

Arctic Air Evaporative Air Cooler

Arctic Air is the personal space cooler that turns hot spaces into cool, refreshing places for just pennies a day. Whether you want to cool off in a hot kitchen, or stay nice and comfy while watching TV, Arctic Air lets you create your own personal comfort zone. Just add water and press the button, then relax and enjoy the cooling breeze.

Enjoy cool, clean air anywhere for pennies a day.

Portable air conditioners take up so much space, and have to vent out a window. But Arctic Air is self-contained and lightweight. Now you can have cool, clean air anywhere. The Hydro-Chill technology uses an evaporative air filter that pull in hot air and instantly transforms it into cool, refreshing air.

A digital thermostat gives you precise control, and the two speed fan is whisper quiet. It runs up to 8 hours on just one filling. There’s even a soothing night light.What a great way to cool off your bedroom without air conditioning your entire home.

Also purifies and humidifies air.

Arctic Air also purifies and humidifies your air, so it’s better for you and your family. And you can even use it to beat the heat outdoors. Order Arctic Air now — limited time TV Double Offer.

Chill Chest – The collapsible, stackable, ice-less cooler

Everyone has a big cooler to keep thing cold. But you gotta keep filling them up with ice, and that gets really old. They’re too heavy to move, so your back ends up wrenched. And when all that ice melts, your food ends up drenched. Now there’s a better way. Introducing the revolutionary Chill Chest, the lightweight, foldable cooler that keeps everything ice cold for up to 10 hours without any ice at all.

Keep food and drinks cold for up to 10 hours without any ice.

Chill Chest weighs less than 2 pounds, so it’s easy to take with you wherever you go. It’s perfect for backyard parties and barbecues. Whether you’re tailgating or enjoying a cold one at the game, or even at a hot beach, ice cream stays ice cold and ready to enjoy.

Temperature lock technology.

The secret is temperature lock technology with interwoven polypropylene cells that trap the cold inside and keep it there. And it’s strong enough to hold 100 times its weight, yet light enough for grandma to lift two over her head. It’s roomy enough to keep all your food and drinks ice cold for up to 10 hours.

Weighs only 2 pounds. Folds for easy storage.

Best of all, Chill Chest folds flat and stores away in seconds. Keep one in your car and you won’t need to rush home from shopping. Great for cold drinks on the boat, and keeping today’s catch nice and fresh.

Keeps hot foods hot, too.

Here’s more good news. Chill Chest also keeps hot food piping hot for hours, so it’s great for getting hot dishes to parties. Even after being run over by a 4.5 ton truck, it still works perfectly. And it’s guaranteed for life. Find out more about the TV Double Offer and order Chill Chest today.

Dust Daddy Vacuum Cleaner Attachment

Dust Daddy is the new cleaning tool that’s designed to get dust out of every nook and cranny. This incredible vacuum attachment is unlike any cleaning tool you’ve ever owned, and can get into even the tiniest cracks and crevices. With the Dust Daddy, you can even vacuum around tiny objects without removing them first.

Dust can’t hide from the tiny flexible tubes. Works with any vacuum.

The secret is dozens of individual tiny suction tubes. These tubes are flexible, and they can go almost anywhere that dust hides. The Dust Daddy also comes with a universal adapter, so it can be connected to any vacuum.

Dust Daddy is great for car, home and office.

If you like having a clean car, you know how many cracks and crevices collect dust. Now you can easily remove all that dust. You would never clean silk plants with an ordinary vacuum tool, but now you can easily clean them with your Dust Daddy. Clean light fixtures, window blinds, couches, jewelry boxes, junk drawers, radiators and so much more.

Learn more about the special TV Double Offer and order your Dust Daddy today with free shipping. Now that’s an incredible deal. Don’t miss out on this offer.

Classic Soul Ballads 10 CD Collection from Time Life

A classic soul ballad speaks to something deep inside, evoking memories and deep desires. Now, all the most romantic soul hits are together in the Classic Soul Ballads CD Collection from Time Life. From seductive soul legends to divine divas, this CD collection will really get you in the mood for love.

The sexist songs ever recorded.

Classic Soul Ballads is 10 CDs with 144 of the most soulful, sexiest and romantic songs of all time. You’ll get the deep soul music classics from the ’60s, the sweet harmonies of the ’70s, and the sexiest songs of the ’80s. This box set includes 2 bonus discs with 24 of the most sensuous duets of all time, plus extensive liner notes with pictures and background about the artists and their music.

The original hits from the original artists.

Featuring Teddy Pendergrass, Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, Barry White, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Peabo Bryson, Anita Baker and many, many more. Every track is the original hit recording and has been digitally remastered for audiophile-quality sound. You’ll hear all the soul legends and their most most requested songs. Order Classic Soul Ballads today and receive free standard shipping from Time Life.

HD Vision Special Ops Sunglasses

These special optics give you the power to see all your surroundings. They’re HD Vision Special Ops. Ordinary sunglasses just make things darker, and in a tactical situation, that can be deadly. Inspired by the needs of our men and women in uniform, Special Ops lets you do things normal sunglasses just can’t do. You’ll see your surroundings in high definition, with color, contrast and clarity so sharp you’ll never want to be without them.

Get the tactical advantage of HD Vision.

HD Vision Special Op reduce glare without darkening your view. The same polycarbonate material used in military aircraft. A high performance design ideal for active lifestyles. Special Ops offer UV protection, are scratch resistant, and can survive the harshest conditions.

Free HD Vision Night Ops glasses when you order.

Order HD Vision Special Ops today and you’ll also get the HD Vision Night Ops glasses absolutely free. They’re perfect for driving at night, because they enhance color, clarity and cut the glare of oncoming headlights.