Phantom Saucer
Phantom Saucer is more than just a flying spacecraft toy, it's the fun magic trick you can learn super quick! As Seen on TV.
Teddy Tanks Teddy Tanks
Teddy Tanks Stuffed Animal and Fish Tank, two types of fun in one - a stuffed animal outside and a live fish in a shatterproof plastic tank on the inside.
Airman RC
Airman RC is the new radio-controlled flying superhero airplane toy that's easy to fly, even for beginners. Great gift for kids of all ages. As Seen on TV.
Flashlight Friends
Introducing Flashlight Friends. Kids love flashlights and plush stuffed animals. Now they're together in a fun new toy that's perfect for kids of all ages.
Seat Pets
Buckle up and snuggle up. It's Seat Pet time! Adorable travel buddies attach to your kid's seat belt so they never ride alone. Free backpack strap.
Tummy Stuffers
Tummy Stuffers are adorable plush animals that store kid's stuff in a new fun way. Free mini Tummy Stuffer with order. Giant size available. As Seen on TV.