Sift Away Sift Away
If you love cats, but hate smelly, messy litter boxes, you need Sift Away, the amazing new self-cleaning litter box that's spotless in seconds.
Stompeez Stompeez
Stompeez are super-cute, fun slippers that your kids will love. Just walk, stomp or jump and Stompeez pop to life. Styles include Batman, Dory, Nemo, Tsum Tsum, Mickey Mouse, more.
35º Below Socks
Stop cold, sweaty feet with 35º Below Socks, the amazing socks developed with aerospace fabric technology to keep feet warm and dry in the most extreme conditions.
Hurricane Spin Scrubber
Hurricane Spin Scrubber is the new cordless rechargeable power scrubber that does the hard work for you while making cleaning faster and easier.
Crank Chop Crank Chop
Vince Offer is back with Crank Chop, the food chopper that will chop all your food in a matter of seconds. The blades are at the bottom. The food goes in. Pull the crank. Three pulls and three seconds later and you're done. The more you crank, the finer it chops. Comes with a 10-year warranty.
Gotham Steel Pan
Gotham Steel pan has the latest tech in non-stick, non-scratch cookware. Made with ceramic and super-strong titanium. As Seen on TV with chef Daniel Green.