Helping Hand 911

Helping Hand 911

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Helping Hand 911

Helping Hand 911 is the future of personal safety and security. With a simple push of the red “hand” button, you will instantly talk to a 911 operator anywhere, anytime. Antiquated home-based units like Life Alert require you to have a home phone, be within 400 feet of the base units, and pay monthly monitoring fee of up $30 a month. With Helping Hand 911, you don’t need a home phone or a cell phone, and you’ll never pay a monthly monitoring fee.

Now anyone, young or old, can have peace of mind at home or anywhere in the United States. Just push the helping hand and you’ll be instantly connected to 911. Enjoy the freedom that comes with Helping Hand 911. Comes with lanyard and belt clip so you can take it with you everywhere.

Order Helping Hand 911 now for yourself or someone you love and get free shipping. Stop paying monthly fees and feel safe and secure wherever you travel.


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