New Product Tuesday with EZ Cracker

A solution in search of a problem?
A solution in search of a problem?

Savvy Shopper’s better half thinks that the EZ Cracker is a solution in search of a problem. She’s a gourmet cook, and can crack and separate an egg with one hand while talking on the phone and checking her email. I’m a little different. Every time I make scrambled eggs (one of the few things I actually cook), you’ll find me picking multiple pieces of egg shell out of the bowl.

So while the food prep pros among us don’t need this gadget, it looks quite useful to us culinary klutzes. Every time I watch the EZ Cracker commercial, I’m amazed by the egg separator attachment and how it catches the yolk and lets the white drain through the tiny hole in the middle. But I’m easily entertained.

I see they’re offering a free Bacon Wave with every order. I’m guessing this microwave bacon tray was not a big hit when first offered, because it’s offered as a freebie with multiple kitchen products.

3 thoughts on “New Product Tuesday with EZ Cracker

  1. The EZCracker truely is a piece of junk. I would never recommend this product to anyone. It crushed the egg shell, scrambled the yolk even before it got out of the egg, which makes using the attachment to seperate the egg whites useless. Also it was next to impossible to actually get the egg out of the shell after it tried to crack the egg. They will also call you afterward and try to automatically sign you up for a service and will try to not allow you to cancel that service at that time. Do not buy this product it is a complete waste of money.

  2. What Happened? You should at least have the courtesy of explaining why you can’t get in touch with! I thought the Egg Cracker would be an excellant thing to purchase!

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