Ice Cream Magic Ice Cream Maker Shaker

Ice Cream Magic Ice Cream Maker Shaker

School’s out, and the kids are home – bored and hungry. Everybody wants to go out for ice cream, but those trips to the DQ get pretty expensive. Why not stay home and get the kids invested in making their own treats with the Ice Cream Magic Ice Cream Maker Shaker? Any kid old enough to hold a shaker cone can make delicious homemade ice cream in just 3 minutes, in their favorite flavor. Use low-fat, sugar-free natural ingredients and keep that cold treat healthy. Makes a perfect party activity, too – everyone loves to make their own custom-flavored ice cream. Just shake it to make it! Comes with shaker cones, spoons and recipe book.

And after the kids have had their ice cream, shake up a healthy, low-calorie treat for yourself – you deserve it! Here’s where to order your Ice Cream Magic Ice Cream Maker Shaker.

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