EZstringer, OneSecondNeedle and Tater Tornado on Pitchmen Jan. 25


After last week’s return to the Discovery Channel schedule, PitchMen is back this week with another new episode, The New Gun in Town. Here’s the episode description:

Sully and assistant Kennedy head to a Chicago home and houseware convention to hear some sometimes crazy pitches for the “next big thing”, including an easy stringer and a tater tornado. Then Sully heads to the circus to test a revolutionary new needle.

From the description, it appears the three products featured in this episode will be EZstringer, Boardwalk Tater Tornado and One Second Needle. It’s interesting to note the return of former MTV VJ Kennedy, who first appeared in last week’s episode. Is the show being revamped to add Kennedy as Sully’s permanent sidekick? Could it be an attempt to add missing pizzaz to the struggling show with a known personality who won’t be perceived as a replacement for Billy Mays? It will be interesting to see how this plays out. We just hope that more new episodes air in the coming weeks.

The New Gun in Town airs Tuesday, January 25 at 7PM E/P.

Season two of PitchMen follows Anthony “Sully” Sullivan as he attempts to pick up the pieces and continue making inventors’ dreams come true after the sudden death of his longtime friend and pitch partner, Billy Mays.

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