Beddo Mattress by Sobakawa

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Beddo Mattress by Sobakawa

Introducing the Beddo Mattress by Sobakawa. Your sleep just got a major upgrade, with the comfort you want plus the convenience you need. Comfortable, because Beddo features a 10 inch thickness of premium performance Pressureless™ foam, responsive bodyweight distribution, billions of microscopic air capsules to enhance comfort, and exclusive heat dissipating technology. Convenient, because Beddo is delivered in a box, ships free to your home, and you can set it up in just seconds (watch the video).

Beddo is an updated and improved version of the classic Japanese shikbuton mattress. Its advanced design starts with a 10 inch thick layer of Pressurelss foam, containing billions of microscopic air capsules to ensure comfort head-to-toe. Even distribution of body weight significantly lessens motion transfer when your sleep partner or pet changes their position. Excess heat is quickly dissipated to keep you cool and comfortable all night long.

Learn more about Beddo and order your risk-free 30 day trial. Start getting the restful sleep you need every night.

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