Airman RC Flying Superhero Airplane Toy

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Airman RC Flying Superhero Airplane Toy

Airman RC is the new radio-controlled flying superhero airplane toy that’s super easy to fly, even for beginners. Real RC fun with real RC airplane controls. You control the throttle, left, right and altitude. Airman has an incredible 200 foot range, powerful twin propellers, and onboard rechargeable lithium polymer battery. Recharge in the field right from the transmitter. Airman is made from lightweight, durable foam infused material so he can survive mishaps and keep on flying. The transmitter can be programmed to any of 16 channels so you can fly multiple Airman toys at once for epic air battles with your friends. Great gift for kids of all sizes and all ages. Choose from four outrageous colors. Order online now and find out about free shipping. As Seen on TV.

$39.99 plus S&H


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