Darrow Blackberries | Giant Blackberry Plants

Darrow Blackberries | Giant Blackberry Plants

Grow lush jumbo blackberries in your own backyard with Darrow Blackberry plants. Harvest up to 4 pints everyday for less than 5 cents a pint. Own your own backyard blackberry farm with Sweet Dream Blackberries.

Nutritionists have named blackberries the #1 antioxidant-rich superfood. They’re uniquely delicious and amazingly good for you.

Darrow blackberries are named for a famous breeder at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. These plants yield the biggest, juiciest blackberries you’ve ever tasted, and contain less sugar and more fiber than most other berries. These enormous berries measure almost 2 inches long. That makes for some easy pickin’ and good healthy eatin’.


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