Flying Lure

Flying Lure

Alex Langer’s Original Flying Lure. Special 20th Anniversary Double Offer on the #1 selling fishing lure of all time. Guaranteed to catch more and bigger fish. Free 50 piece set as part of the Flying Lure 20th Anniversary.

5 thoughts on “Flying Lure

  1. I need to get the first set and the rest of the flying lures. Let me know how to get them. Thank you. Freddie Rester

  2. Flying lures are still being made. I actually have an older but new set that I never used if interested. I’m at n1khb at aol dot com. They were being stored while I had been on a fishing hiatus, and now interested only in ultra light tackle.

  3. I purchased a kit from fishbonetackle. Came pretty quick. The site says the snake lures are coming soon so I called. They said they expect the next shipment in the next 30 days. Price was good too, about $26 with shipping.

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