MicroTouch Tough Blade MicroTouch Tough Blade
The all-new MicroTouch Tough Blade razor is German-engineered to give you a whole year of close, clean, comfortable shaves for under $20. With Brett Favre.
Scratch Aide Scratch Aide
Scratch Aide is the new wood scratch mender from Dutch Glow. Scratches disappear like magic. As Seen on TV.
Copper Fit Back Pro
Copper Fit Back Pro is the ultimate copper-infused compression garment for maximum lower back muscle support. Endorsed by NFL legend Brett Favre.
BambooMagic Pillow
The BambooMagic Pillow provides comfort, contour and coolness for a great night sleep every night. Hypoallergenic and machine washable. As Seen on TV.
HD Clear Vision HD Clear Vision
The HD Clear Vision Antenna is the way to eliminate your cable or satellite TV bill. Watch free over-the-air signals with no monthly fees. As Seen on TV.
Yes! Hair Remover
Yes! by Finishing Touch removes unwanted hair anywhere on the body, instantly, pain-free, no irritation - endorsed by actress Fran Drescher (The Nanny).
Copper Fit
Copper Fit Compression Sleeves are designed to relieve muscle and joint soreness for painful and stiff knees and elbows. As Seen on TV with Brett Favre.
Hydro Mousse
With Hydro Mousse Liquid Lawn sprayable grass seed, the grass grows where you spray it – your beautiful lawn is just a spray away! As Seen on TV.
Teddy Tanks
Teddy Tanks Stuffed Animal and Fish Tank, two types of fun in one - a stuffed animal outside and a live fish in a shatterproof plastic tank on the inside.