HD Clear Vision HD Clear Vision
The HD Clear Vision Antenna is the way to eliminate your cable or satellite TV bill. Watch free over-the-air signals with no monthly fees. As Seen on TV.
P90 P90
P90 from Beachbody and Tony Horton is an introduction to fitness for people who have never tried to get in shape before. For all ages and fitness levels.
Lulla Pets Lulla Pets
Each cuddly Lulla Pet comes with a removable MP3 player and voice recorder right inside, so kids can record a special message or play their favorite songs.
Jeaneez Jeaneez
Jeaneez: all the comfort and ease of leggings with the stylish, fashionable look of skinny jeans. As Seen on TV.
Yes! Hair Remover Yes! Hair Remover
Yes! by Finishing Touch removes unwanted hair anywhere on the body, instantly, pain-free, no irritation - endorsed by actress Fran Drescher (The Nanny).
Copper Fit
Copper Fit Compression Sleeves are designed to relieve muscle and joint soreness for painful and stiff knees and elbows. As Seen on TV with Brett Favre.
Ball Pets
Ball Pets are roly poly plush toys with a secret pet inside. Each Ball Pets pops open to reveal a plush pal like a puppy, kitty or dragon. As Seen on TV.
New from Beachbody and Chalene Johnson: PiYo, the fat-burning, low-impact workout that combines Pilates’ sculpting, firming benefits with yoga’s flexibility.
The Wonder Years on DVD The Wonder Years on DVD
New from Time Life: The Wonder Years – The Complete Series, now on DVD for the first time ever, with over 15 hours of Bonus Features.
Teddy Tanks
Teddy Tanks Stuffed Animal and Fish Tank, two types of fun in one - a stuffed animal outside and a live fish in a shatterproof plastic tank on the inside.
BeActive Back Brace
BeActive is the revolutionary new acupressure system that Instantly helps relieve the pain in your lower back, buttocks and legs. As Seen on TV.