Snuggle Up Fleece Snuggle Up Fleece
Place Snuggle Up Fleece over your favorite fabric covered recliner. Let the custom fit invite you in to experience another level of comfort. As Seen on TV.
Hamper Hoops Hamper Hoops
Hamper Hoops is a basketball hoop and hamper. It has kids racing to pick up their dirty laundry off the floor, and turns a boring chore into tons of fun.
Bright Time Buddies Bright Time Buddies
Bright Time Buddies are adorable animal color-changing night light friends that turn bedtime into fun time for kids. As Seen on TV.
Bit 360 Screwdriver Bit 360 Screwdriver
Bit 360 is the revolutionary 6-in-1 screwdriver where all you do is slide, twist and lock the right bit for the perfect fit every time. As Seen on TV.
Pocket Hose Top Brass Pocket Hose Top Brass
New Top Brass Professional Pocket Hose is a completely re-engineered version of the world's best selling expandable hose. 3x stronger, lifetime guarantee.
Scratch Aide
Scratch Aide is the new wood scratch mender from Dutch Glow. Scratches disappear like magic. As Seen on TV.
Copper Fit Back Pro
Copper Fit Back Pro is the ultimate copper-infused compression garment for maximum lower back muscle support. Endorsed by NFL legend Brett Favre.
Yes! Hair Remover
Yes! by Finishing Touch removes unwanted hair anywhere on the body, instantly, pain-free, no irritation - endorsed by actress Fran Drescher (The Nanny).
Copper Fit
Copper Fit Compression Sleeves are designed to relieve muscle and joint soreness for painful and stiff knees and elbows. As Seen on TV with Brett Favre.